Laura Yuile
Welcome Back to Westfield

How would we explain the impulse to mooch around, look at a couple of things in shops, buy a sandwich, do a couple of laps, use the toilet, then leave? What other spaces could take on this purpose? 


What differentiates shopping as leisure from visiting art galleries as leisure? Is it only that we can touch things in shops?


Will people always want intimacy with purchasable things in a way that online shopping can’t offer?

Is going to Westfield enjoyable? How much of a shopping mall could be removed before we stop going?

Does Westfield care what you do within it, as long as you are within it?

Is Westfield already a museum, or could we reframe it as one? What would Westfield look like as ruins?

Why am I drawn back to Westfield?


Why do I find it both comforting and panic-inducing?

Laura Yuile is an artist based in London. Laura responded to the reopening of the two Westfield shopping centres in London, in dialogue with Richard Whitby. Sound by Richard, video by Laura, text by both.