Giulia Lazzarro
The Spider, The Cat, The Squirrel, The Mouse and The Bear

Is it better to fall or to collapse? To watch an inevitability tumble from above, as you too come apart? Or is it better to have your demise governed by the speed of your descent and the fast-approaching terminal? 

I wrote this story when I was collapsing, and halfway through, I fell. The story is fundamentally about what it means to make objects, community, history and theories for ourselves and others, and see what happens when these practices meet.

Fragile communities are forged in the making and disseminating of my work. With each new piece, a temporary collective of craftspeople, machinists, and enthusiasts together celebrate the successful failure of design.

Giulia Lazzaro read the opening lines of this story to Jamie George over the phone during the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in the UK. Dreck invited Giulia to develop the work, resulting in this recording. The text above was written by Giulia. The recording was produced in partnership with The Fine Art Failure Analysis Research Group and The Colour Currency Exchange.