Amit Sud is a doctor and scientist, working in London. Amit's main research interest is in genetic susceptibility to haematological malignancy and the long-term side effects of cancer therapies. More recently, he has been interested in studying the impact of SARS-CoV-2 on cancer care.

Berry Patten records footage and sound with an obsessive, diaristic approach. She tends to play the silent observer, using body cameras and spy cams to place herself within the footage. She is looking to rethink intimacy, transparency and surveillance.

Genevieve Slater is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne primarily concerned with the two-dimensional image. Her practice spans painting, drawing and photography, and frequently samples classic cartoons.


Giulia Lazzaro is a sculptor and design theorist based in Glasgow. Her current research interests include a return to overlooked vehicle design from the early 20th century.

Jamie George is an artist and writer based in South East London. Working with sculpture, image and text, his work explores interests in materiality, intimacy and loss. Jamie is an editor of Dreck.

Katie Schwab is an artist based in London, with interests in textiles, craft practices and design histories.


Kobby Adi was born, lives and works in London.

Laura Yuile is an artist based in London. Her work is multidisciplinary, probing a range of concerns about contemporary lived experience and exploring the effects of globalization and technological development upon urban and domestic space.


Richard Whitby is an artist living in London. Richard uses improvisation and DIY techniques as ways to make video and performance about scary things. Richard is an editor of Dreck.


Rose Nordin is a freelance graphic designer and artist based in London with a particular interest in self-publishing and DIY culture. Rose designed the Dreck logo.

Seungyong Moon is a graphic designer and 3D artist based in Seoul and Hong Kong with a particular interest in music and cultural theory.

Siôn Parkinson is an artist and musician living in his hometown of Dundee, Scotland. Recent work explores stink as an approach to composition, improvisation and making. He is an editor of Dreck.

Sooyon Kim is a visual artist based in London. Her practice includes drawing, sculpture, video and performance, with a core interest in systems of aesthetic choice made within mass production and consumption. 

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