Berry Patten and Seungyong Moon
No Comply_v2

'No Comply_v2' is a new video by Berry Patten and Seungyong Moon, made in 2021. Original footage from Berry in the UK was processed and soundtracked by Seungyong in Hong Kong. The text below is an edited correspondence between them and Richard Whitby.

Richard: So Berry and I know each other from working in London, Seungyong lives in Hong Kong at the moment but we met in Seoul and have worked together before on web and book projects.


Seungyong has been experimenting with image processing and distortion - Berry, you use video and sound footage which (amongst other things) also distorts material through use of old hardware and capturing sound played out in space/cars and other sources, in-camera. I have sent Seungyong a link to your Stonehenge video as an initial example. I think you both also share some political interests on ownership of culture/heritage/intellectual property. 


My idea was to ask you Berry to share some footage and sound (could be existing extra footage from previous projects?) for Seungyong to distort and alter, maybe adding sound, and then possibly send back for you to edit again. That's it. 


Part of what is behind this idea is that I feel Berry works more with cameras; Seungyong with digitised material (in a kind of post-production way) - but you may want to switch this up. 


My suggestion would be that you work towards a short video for the dreck page - I'm here to facilitate or feedback if and when you want but you may want to just be in touch with each other - totally up to you. 


Ok - I hope this sounds fun, and makes sense, let me know what you think!



Berry: Sorry this has taken so long, thanks Rich for the invite it’s great to working on something and I’m really excited to work collaboratively.


Nice to meet you Seungyong! 


So I have put together this collection of footage. It feels intimate and emotional and personal - this last year - bubble living, london, pandemic, relationships. I think it would be really good for me to hand it over to you, to get some distance and for it to be worked into, I like the idea of opening it up or scratching into it. Feels like a digital therapy process. 


Here’s the link - see what you think.



Richard: I’m really interested to see what Seungyong (he/him, sorry should have said that) will do with this - he is super playful with video and software so who knows what it will come back like! I'm pretty sure he can just rip it from youtube, or I can, so yeah don't worry about sharing this will work fine. Yes, I think email him too when you get chance. At some point maybe we/you/you two could think about sound, it/when that feels necessary. 




Seungyong: Am still working on the video and think i can share some video by this weekend. Its really hot and humid here in hk now



Seungyong: Hey richard. I played with the video. And try to edit now. The concept is pandemic and surveillance. :-) used OpenCV.



Seungyong: I found another job and waiting for my visa again. 

I am in a cafe working on my stuff now. Haha  How are you?


I was interested in what Berry's mentioned about pandemic, relationships. 

I think my video focuses on the Observer-Observed relationship. I used OpenCV to track the movements, social distance and ppl. 

in hong kong where you go, you need to scan qr codes to get in. and ppl are really reluctant to scan it and they use papers to write down their names and numbers. sometimes they even give wrong info. because they dont trust their government. thats also one of the reasons ppl dont take also vaccines.


the music is “Alva Noto & Ryuchi Sakamoto - Ax Mr. L”


in berry’s video sakamoto’s “Merry christmas mr. lawrence” was keep playing. thats why i chose this tune as a background. not sure about copyright but it seems ruche sakamoto was very critical about copyright law before.



Berry: Seungyong, thanks so much for working on this. I'm really in it! The tender imagery of the last year, then this edit starting to quantify, examine, dehumanise it. I really like the sound edit and what you did with the end.


I'm happy for it to go out if you both are :)