dreck: detritus, excess, waste, shit, leftovers.


Rot is a process of decay and degradation. It is the result of multiple organisms acting upon a material simultaneously, breaking it down into bits. In this way waste material is made vital again, albeit in a different form. 

Dreck is a space where leftovers are given new life by such forces; where material is chewed over and presented anew.  


Contributors to the website either provide or work with some ‘dreck’. This might be an image, video footage, sound, an idea — something that has already begun the process of rotting down due to neglect, disdain, or deletion. Contributors are free to continue this process, to hasten or to halt it however they wish.

The current editors of Dreck are Jamie George, Siôn Parkinson, and Richard Whitby.


Dreck was first launched in 2009, conceived in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Over 20 artists and writers contributed to the original site including Ed Atkins, Kiera Blakey, Sidsel Christensen and Monster Chetwynd. It was created as a space to share art, music and writing when the opportunities to present and convene around artwork were felt to be greatly diminishing. In 2020 we find that this tendency has intensified.


Constraints on time, money, and space are set to squeeze artists even more in the wake of a pandemic and another recession. We crave structures within which to initiate creative and intellectual exchanges despite severe constraints on time, budget and space. It feels like the right time to revive the project and again attend to the dreck. 


Original participants between 2009 and 2012, listed in reverse chronological order: Band Activity (Richard Proffitt & Mike Carney), Sidsel Christensen, Rob C. Gallagher, Julia Tcharfas, Sol Archer, American Mountains (Collective), Oliver Brignall, Mike Salter, Sally Wright, Eleanor Wright, Katie Schwab, Kate O'Neill, Kiera Blakey, Ed Atkins, Monster (then Spartacus) Chetwynd, Rebecca Kressley.